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Intro to Jazz with Jeremy Siskind

Ever wanted to learn to play jazz but felt stuck in your classical training?

Join award-winning jazz pianist and acclaimed pedagogue Jeremy Siskind for an introduction to playing jazz at the piano.

From decoding chord symbols, to cultivating a swing rhythm, to practicing scales and figurations within common chord progressions, Siskind will show you the path towards developing basic competency in jazz at the keyboard.

Intended especially for classically trained pianists of any level, Siskind offers a structured, step-by-step program for developing your chops and finding your voice in a new idiom.

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This Weeks LIVE Events
Dec. 7th, 2021 at 11am PT
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Tue, Dec. 7th - 11am PT
The Taubman Approach: invisible motions beneath a virtuoso technique with Jarred Dunn

Dorothy Taubman was an American teacher and lecturer who founded the Taubmann approach. The focus is to analyze invisible motions beneath a virtuoso technique and use this knowledge to overcome technical limitations and performance-related injury! Jarred Dunn will lead us in this discussion of a fascinating teaching philosophy!

Dec. 9th, 2021 at 11am PT
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Thu., Dec. 9th – 11am PT
Virtual Masterclass: Bach and Brahms

In this Virtual Masterclass we focus on the music of Bach and Brahms! 2 of the "3 B's" (Beethoven being the 3rd) these composers wrote music of incredible depth and meaning. A transcription of Bach's 4th organ sonata and Brahms Op.39 waltzes to be featured!

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